Who is LyL

Meet Lyfestyle Specialist Lindsay

Photo of Lindsay Thelen for LYLMy name is Lindsay I am the founder of Live your Lyfe (a.k.a. LyL) Lyfestyle Management. As you may have noticed by our name lyfe is unique here at LyL in the same way that each of my clients has a unique set of circumstances that embodies the lyfe they live. I have been in the business of making lives easier by creating lyfestyle management solutions and providing concierge services for professional athletes and corporate executives for over 10 years. I started out working for a sports agency where I learned every aspect of the sports business and the demands of an athlete’s lyfestyle. After my time at the agency I began LyL so that I could have the opportunity to work with a wider variety of professionals and executives. My experience with my clients has taught me that not every professional needs a full time personal assistant with a six figure salary to enhance their lyfe. We provide the comprehensive solutions of a full time personal assistant & concierge services without the full time salary commitment.

As a Lyfestyle Specialist I am committed to personally managing the aspects of your lyfe that take you away from the things in your lyfe that bring you true happiness and peace. Let LyL restore balance to your lyfe and give you back the precious commodity of time. I have experience in managing and protecting all aspects of each client’s personal brand, rest assured your every need is catered to confidentially in a professional, secure, and discreet manner.

When “Siri” does not get you the results you need you can rely on LyL to make it happen.